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Beyond Body

is the last weight loss solution you’ll ever need

Thanks to our determined team and high tech solutions, we are able to revolutionize the market and offer the first fully personalized weight loss book in the world. Yes, it means that every book is unique, written only for you, and even adjusted to your personal needs and characteristics!

After reading this book, you will…

Understand WHY you lost control and gained weight

LEARN how to take back control, set a smart goal and establish a WINNING routine

Know exactly what you need to do to STAY in control for the rest of your life

Personalisierte Speisepläne

Tailored to your nutritional requirements from the ingredients that you love

Individuelle Lerninhalte

About each part of your life, selected to solve each problem you may face during your weight loss journey

Umfangreiche Informationen

About your body, health, nutrition, and how it will increase your quality of life

Eigene Strategien

To help you form strong habits, deal with social pressure, reduce stress and gain back control over your life.

Einzigartige Tagesabläufe

That will instantly improve your well-being and mood and help you reach your desired results more effectively


der dir erklärt, wie du nach einem Abbruch von gesunden Gewohnheiten wieder auf den richtigen Weg kommst

Eigener Leitfaden

On how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, stay fully in control and not re-gain the weight you lost

Personalisierte Kurse

wie du einen gesunden Lebensstil führen kannst, ohne Abstriche zu machen

Und jede Menge extra Inhalte

das wird auf deine Quizergebnisse zugeschnitten! Immerhin ist dieses Buch geschrieben FÜR DICH und ÜBER DICH , so wird es immer ein Teil deines Lebens sein. Dies ist unser Versprechen an dich!

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